Tip Of The Day

Theory Tip. If you find the last few Tips difficult, they will never make sense until you get out your bass and give it a try. Once you do, you’ll discover it sounds harder than it is to apply. To get started, learn a natural minor scale in a four finger box (see tomorrow’s Tip). Starting anywhere on the A string, play 1-3-4  1-3-4  1-3.  Next, try raising the 7th ½ step by replacing finger 1 with finger 2 at the seventh degree. This is the Harmonic minor scale (a minor scale with a raised seventh. The Melodic minor scale has both a raised 6th and 7th. Note the Melodic minor cannot be performed in a four finger box, you will need to make a ‘shift’. Figure it out!! Also try this: Find the same starting note on the E string, but start with finger 4. Play 4  1-2-4  1-2-4 1. Figure out a fingering for Harmonic minor starting with finger 4 on the E string!! A hint will be provided in tomorrow’s tip.