Tip Of The Day

Every great electric bass player respects the concept of the four finger box (also called a ’Block’) in the left hand, in other words the massive amount of accessibility available without ever moving the LH to another ‘position’. The question is how to escape a box once committed to one. You have five choices: 1) you can ‘stretch’ out and back in to a box; 2) you can ‘shift’ the box (usually ½ step up or down; 3) you can move the box to another position; 4) you can ’extend’ the box covering five frets; or 5), you can abandon the box entirely. When you opt for choice #5, realize that great players use this as a transition technique whereas Rock Stars are unaware of the other 4.….. If you are serious about the bass and not thinking boxes (or blocks), it is imperative you make this adjustment immediately.