Tip Of The Day

 See Tips for the preceding three days. Today’s tip is an important one because it is an introduction to the world of chord/ scale combinations, that is which scales work over what chords. For example, consider a C7 resolving to FMaj7. Over C7 play a Bb Aeolian (natural minor scale), but lower the 5th ½ step (called flat 5) . So, Bb Aeolian b5 (note you are starting on the b7 over C). Now, over FMaj7 play G pentatonic. You should LOVE what you hear. You just played the seventh mode of the diminished wholetone scale over C7 (the 5 chord), and  a pentatonic scale over the 1 chord that incorporates the #11, 13, and Major seventh. Welcome to jazz theory and again, chord/ scale combinations. If you don’t get it, don’t worry. Stay with the blog!