Tip Of The Day

Question-  what is the quality of a chord built on the 3rd degree of a harmonic minor scale? If you cannot answer the question, you need to review this blog from day #1.…sorry!    OK, let’s review now. Remember- use C Major as a ‘model’ for major tonalities, and A minor as a model for minor tonalities. This is because the key of C Major (and its ‘relative’ minor-A) use no sharps or flats, thus the ideal key to learn the rules. Recall a Harmonic minor scale has a raised 7th. So, in the case of A minor, G is raised to G#. The 3rd degree of A minor is C. So, build a chord on C remembering that G’s are raised to G#, thus  C E G# B, labeled C augmented Major 7, or C+M7. Get it ?!?! [see tomorrow’s tip]