Tip Of The Day

In reference to yesterday’s tip, and it was a good one, think about this little story --  Many years ago in the town from which I am based and have worked throughout my life, an old jazz semi-icon from the bop era settled down and worked for decades. As an ageing alto player he enjoyed working with young musicians because he more-so enjoyed giving them continuous advice. He had tons to teach us, but remained somewhat bitter in that his career hadn’t worked out the way he had hoped. As a result, his advice as to career decisions was often skewed by his bitterness. I remember a brilliant young jazz piano player mentioning one night on the band stand that he was making the move to New York (where he remains to this day as among the best). The old jazzer  advised against it stating- “ If you can’t make it here, you can’t make it anywhere”……My point is he could not have been more wrong! If you can actually MAKE IT in a town that really doesn’t care that much about music, you can kill it in a town that actually does!!!! After all, the young piano player WAS ‘making it’ locally.  So…..what does ‘make it’ mean?