Tip Of The Day

TIP of the MONTH --  Past tips make mention in detail as to plans to move from your current location. Perhaps mention should be made as to the possibility of staying put, or you have already found a place to settle down. Building a local empire can certainly be a prudent strategy as long as the demographic of your area and surrounding areas (250 mile radius) can support you for an extended period of time. By this I mean as you get OLDER (and you will), younger generations will be on you coattails and after your gigs (this will always be the case). You must continually engage in new contacts as previous ones disappear. Also, become proactive in the booking industry in your area NOW. Stay relevant! Be the band leader/ build your own group. Play with lots of groups but remain with the big money- don’t slip backwards. Most important is relentless practice. I am the oldest I’ve ever been and I’ve never played better. The plan is to say that tomorrow!     The above is the path I ultimately choose; to be a husband, a father, and a musician.