Booking, Fees, and Process

Booking Plato's Dream- concert/club version, any of the Corporate/Casual versions, is as simple as choosing from the following:

*Corporate/ Casual

- 2 piece; intimate casual, formal, dinner, etc, any style , either piano and bass or guitar and bass (instrumental)

-3 piece; same as 2 piece though any size event, keyboard, bass, and drums (instrumental)

-4 piece; same as 3 piece plus sax tenor sax or vocals (male or female)

-5 piece; entertainment/ dance version includes front man, lighting, full sound reinforcement, plus guitar upon request. Also upon request specify front entertainer, Phil Copeland.

-Latin version; Latin/Cuban version of various size group. Can include authentic Latin dancers!!

-Booking INDIVIDUALS;  As always, Bob Bryant books as an independent contractor. See the Bob Bryant page. All other members are also available for independent hire. Contact them via their individual links, OR, Contact Bob Bryant for help. Note: there is NO fee attached to either party for this service. Furthermore, we contract a vast number of musicians throughout the region. As a service to them, as THANKS for incredibly fine service to us, we are happy to aid in connections at no cost!!


Fees are seasonal, negotiable (pending size of the event and requirements), contingent on distance from Lexington, KY and expenses thereof, and are certainly reasonable. For example, a local 2 piece, 2 hour dinner set with simple set-up on an off evening books for $200.00. Likewise, the concert version of Plato's Dream contracts at a $3000 reduction for club dates vs. major concert events ($4000/ upwards plus expenses). During off season, it is possible the concert version may book club dates at extremely reduced rates. 

Our mission is simply stated: Not only the best music performed by the best musicians, but the perfect fit within any budget.


* Choose from the following services:

- Booking Bob Bryant as contract labor for hire (see Bob Bryant Services)
-Booking one of our members for hire
-Booking Plato's Dream, concert version
(specify club date , concert opener, concert headliner, and financial requirements)
-Booking Corporate/Casual version
-Booking Latin version
-Booking a member:
 Harold Young (keyboard), Jay Crutcher (sax), Steve DiMartino (drums), James Whitehead (Guitar/ sax), Dwight Dunlap (percussion/ drums), Phil Copeland (vocals).
-Searching for a musician ( no fee for this service)
* Once you have previewed the service options, go-to Contact