Tip Of The Day

Bass guitar necks -- I’m not much of a gear head, so you guys know a lot more about this stuff than I do. On the other hand, I’ve been around for a while and may have experienced a couple of things you have not. If you are unsure just how profound an impact the material used in the construction of a bass neck can have on the sound and feel of a bass guitar, a few minutes with a Kramer bass should be on your bucket list. The longer you give it to warm up the more schizophrenic it becomes. A neck consisting of aluminum and bowling balls offers an experience nothing less than bazaar. Otherwise, a fretless neck constructed from a solid piece of Makassar Ebony is a true testimony to the beauty of wood. [ You can hear mine by checking out Rusty Crutcher, Romances Latinos, on itunes] For those who stand firm that there is nothing like wood, you’ll get no argument from me. Currently I am focused on a Modulus Q5 as my wooden neck basses remain for the most part on permanent sabbatical with no end in sight. Yes, there is indeed a tremendous difference. The Kramer is proof positive!