Tip Of The Day

Thinking of converting that old PJ knockoff into a fretless? There are two ways to correctly do it yourself. If you have a laminated fingerboard, best is to carefully file down the frets leaving the fret wire in place. Though not so attractive, the fingerboard retains its stability and will resist curling up off the neck which may well happen with an inexpensive instrument. Should you prefer to pull the frets, afterwards sand the fingerboard with a fine grit sandpaper, but be certain to retain ALL of the sawdust. Then, mix the sawdust with a clear 2 part epoxy, fill in the gaps, and sand again. The trick is go easy on the hardener and allow several days to cure. Be sure to always save the sawdust as this is your color match and the process may need to be repeated a few times. If you have plans on doing this to your bass, please contact the website. Someone will be in touch!