Tip Of The Day

THEORY TIP: [ The following entry is an exploratory technique reserved typically for advancing students of jazz theory/improv at the university level. Nevertheless, go for it! Keep in mind the technique is a rather unorthodox approach to improvising a bop solo over complicated chord changes. Use your iRealPro app]... While learning to navigate the altered extensions you likely noticed many of the ‘cool’ notes exist a whole step above the basic chord tones in question. Start by simply playing a whole step above each chord quality (if the chord is FM7, play GM7). Certainly you will encounter plenty of wrong notes, but also you will be amazed by the maturity of the language. Without applying any of your theory knowledge, and of course as an exercise only, simply adjust ‘out’ the wrong notes. Form an analysis of what you had to do to make corrections. You will learn tons and have fun doing so. Try it!